pickling and preserving

readying the hearth

the landlord just turned on my heat

sacrificial lamb

snowball fight


blessings on blessings

pickled concord grapes and chicken liver pate on day old sourdough

charred napa cabbage and asparagus with roasted lemon tahina

warming mushroom soup with japanese szechuan peppercorns, thyme, and  caramelized  enoki shrooms

Arayes -- Lebanese dish of ground lamb cooked inside a pita with pomegranate relish and feta

whole roasted veggies encased in salt and baked in the oven with homemade labneh and adult poprocks

roasted pork shoulder rubbed in 5 spice sitting for winter in  a tomato 'chraime' sauce

(to be shared by everyone...together)

sweets on sweets for a sweet new year